in the left corner we have the shocking: raptor


in the other left corner we have the predator of land and the hyaenodon!

he hyaenodon is running through the murky water searching for food when it thinks it's found some; the velociraptor it resembles a hyaenodon but with an raptor-like dinosaur, the hyaenodon lunges at it hits it and bites down the velociraptor vicously counter attacks, attacked by blood and commotion deer close in on the scene! the hyaenodon has now managed to supress the hyaenodon and has began to eat it however the velociraptor has one last trick: it uses it's tail slap to it the hyaenodon's cheek and after escaping the hyaenodon mouth the hyaenodon bites the neck of the velociraptor and leaves it's opponet floating in the grass the velociraptor is still barley alive and intends to keep attacking it wriggles forward but the deer arrive and devour it.